Last March of the Titans? A Review by Andrew Brons, Member of the European Parliament

By Andrew Brons, Member of the European Parliament.


I am not easily lured into unjustified superlatives but this might be one of most important books ever written. It is also, just possibly, one of the most depressing.

I remember Arthur giving a talk on press publicity to some of my MEP staff. He said that a clear outline of the story contained in a press statement should appear in the first paragraph.

He followed his own prescription, with the necessary changes, in his book. A clear outline of the book is contained in the eleven pages of its Prologue and in the page and a half of the postscript.

That does not mean that you can skip pages 12-662 though I am sure that some will. They contain the evidence that supports his conclusions. I can assure you that I did read them but please do not devise a test for me. Newly acquired information is not so easily retained in the elderly. I shall probably need to read the whole book a second time.

Some might accuse him of using the term civilization rather too liberally and widely. He asked what would happen if the Australian Aborigine population were to replace the Chinese population and concluded that China would have an Aborigine civilization. Erm, yes.

Indeed he avoids at all costs making judgments of some civilizations as being superior or inferior when compared with others. However, the reader is not prohibited from making such judgments.

Civilizations are the product of the particular races that created them. Change the race and you will change the civilization. He avoids using the word ‘fall’ of civilizations and prefers the word ‘replacement’. That might be a sign of his objectivity or simply his kindness.

He examines the rise and fall—sorry, replacement—of civilizations in India, Central Asia, Sumeria and Egypt and then continues to look at Greece and Rome.

He ridicules all of the elaborate social, political, economic and environmental explanations for their fall—sorry, replacement. A society or civilization is only a reflection of the population of its territory.

“If the society that has produced a particular civilization stays intact as a racially homogeneous unit, then that civilization remains active. If, however, the society within any given area changes its racial makeup—through invasion, immigration, or any decline in numbers—then the civilization that that society has produced will disappear with them, to be replaced by a new civilization reflecting the new inhabitants of that territory”.

“Originally created by Proto-Nordics, Alpines and Mediterraneans and then influenced by waves of Indo-European invaders, the white civilizations of the Middle East flourished, producing the wonders of the ancient world.

“These regions were either invaded or otherwise occupied (through the use of labourers, immigration or, in rare cases by conquest) by non-white nations of varying races. When the original white peoples who created those civilizations vanished or became an insignificant minority (through death and absorption into other races) their civilizations ‘fell’ in exactly the same way as the Amerind civilization in North America ‘fell’.”

Arthur Kemp concludes with these telling words:

“When the white civilizations of the ancient world were overrun, there were always new territories and new lands to be opened. When Mesopotamia fell, Egypt arose. When Egypt fell, classical Greece arose. When classical Greece fell, Rome arose. When Rome fell, the European states arose. The New World was opened and North America, Australia and New Zealand were added as white heartlands.

“Now however, these are all threatened by mass Third World immigration. There are no more new territories or lands to be opened. It is the final call for white Western civilization.”

Reviewed in ON TARGET, Vol. 49, No.42., 25th October, 2013, by Brian Simpson.


Arthur Kemp, “March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race” (Ostara Publications, 2013, two volumes) arose from Kemp finding, back in 1983, no history of the white race in the university library where he was working.

There were, of course, histories of other races such as the Chinese, but white people were ignored. He corrected this omission with this big format book.

The book traces the origins of the White race from the dawn of its time until the present-day crisis.

Unlike most other history books, the book’s conceptual framework accepts the reality of racial differences and indeed sees races as making cultures and civilisations and eschews the trendy sociological view that races are a social construction. On the contrary, the social is a racial construction.

The book takes a pro-White view of our history and is unafraid to document the role played by various destructive elements in the maintenance of civilisation. Most importantly in the early pages the book notes:

“Once the people who create a certain society or civilisation disappear, then that society or civilisation will disappear with them. If the vanished population is replaced by different peoples, then a new society or culture is created which reflects the culture and civilisation of the new inhabitants of that region.” (p.8)

In chapter 69: ‘Ragnarok – The Coming Fall of the West,’ Kemp addresses a theme long debated at this site. What can be done to save the White race? Kemp gives a number of common sense strategies. Whites must have more children: “A failure to breed is punished by Nature with extinction.” (p.663) Whites need to be awoken to racial realities by political activity in the idiom of the time. Political realism must be engaged in and the “mass media is, for the greatest part, completely hostile and in the hands of those who applaud the racial destruction of the West.” (p.633)

While all of this seems impossible, all that needs to be done is to hold on because the greatest enemy of the White race is liberals.

But as Kemp concludes “the nature of modern liberalism is suicidal. Liberals will, given enough time, destroy themselves. They will stop having children; they will miscegenate, and they will then cease to exist.”

Survival then requires pro-White activists having sufficient children and just fighting on.

He also sees the possibility of “white Russia” and Eastern Europe being the basis for an in-gathering, a new racial homeland, where Whites can hopefully, finally learn the racial lessons of history.

In conclusion “March of the Titans” is an excellent book for deprogramming white children from the politically correct brainwashing that calls itself modern education, and is a necessary read for us all, to grasp that we are fighting for the survival of our entire history.


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As far as I can see, this seems to be the only volume available on this subject. Masses of books on the history of other races, but political correctness has kept this one out of print – until now. First let me say that this is NOT a racist book ! It is what it says, a history of the white race from their first appearance through disaster and diaspora and right up to current date. A total tour de force, which must have taken years of research to produce. Of necessity, its almost 600 pages of large, almost A4, format, in quality hardback, could not possibly contain every last detail, but enough is there to be the catalyst for detailed study of other sources. It does not shy away from the less salubrious pages of white history, notably slavery and the philosophies of the Third Reich, and thus manages a fair and balanced view of white history. Neither does it sheer away from critique where it is needed. This is not written as an academic text, and thus is very accessible to the intelligent layman. Not only is it interesting, but it is a good read too. I can do nothing but recommend this book to readers who want to find out where they came from, and need a balanced view of racial history in a world which is oversupplied with “tommy knockers” who would demean the role of the white races in the march of history. This is a refreshing change from the politically correct flood of material which portrays the white race as some kind of curse on the Earth. Sure there are negatives. There are in any history, but Kemp makes the point that overall there are more positives than negatives. Read this book and decide for yourself.

—  Capt I. McRae, Angus, Scotland.

Arthur Kemp makes a convincing case about the way white civilizations have declined in the past and will decline in the future—though mixing with other races. Nearly all the technological innovations have come from the brightest of the white race, as the author amply gives evidence for. Once non-white societies can no longer gain access to white technology, such as the Japanese in World War II, then their technology stagnates or declines.

Most of the great civilizations of the past have started out as being mono-racial white states, but decline as non-whites become part of the civilizations. It is the race that makes the civilization and once the race disappears then the civilization is destroyed with only ruins left.

Kemp gives a broad overview of all white societies through time, showing evidence that whites have been in such remote places as South America and Easter Island in ancient times where they left their mark before they were killed or absorbed into the local population.

It is important that whites control the territory that they live in and do not let others in. Rhodesia is a good example of whites coming into a territory, offering jobs, food, and medicine to non-whites which decreases their mortality rate and increases their population. Unfortunately, non-whites begin to outnumber the whites and eventually rise up to slit the throats of their benefactors.

Because of the burgeoning population of non-whites and decrease of population of whites due to birth control, the future looks bleak for whites and the advanced civilizations that they have created. Large influxes of non-whites into white territory will eventually lead to the destruction of white society due to race mixing and loss of control of territory.

According to Kemp, ‘might makes right’ and whichever race predominates in an area will determine the nature of that society.

Modern times are peculiar in that many whites actually welcome rather than resist the destruction of their society and themselves. Unless there is resurgence in racial consciousness and willingness among whites to stand up for themselves and their civilization, whites will face extinction in the near future. Whites have never been immune to folly or destruction as this history proves, but these times seem especially threatening for them and many of them don’t even seem to realize it, preferring egalitarian fantasies to the harsh realities of survival, violence, and competition between races.

Kemp shows us a harsh reality based on survival of those who are strong enough to conquer territory and keep it safe from invasion. Either a race is growing strong and expanding its territory or becoming weak and losing it.

— southpaw68, Florida.

The detail and thoroughness is impressive. Also, it is impressive to read an accurate history of European Caucasians that doesn’t pander to the politically correct. In fact, it is refreshing just to read the truth.

–J. Kihn, Princeton Junction, NJ.

This is it. My #1 book recommendation of all time. This book should be mandatory reading for everyone it applies to.

The actual book is glorious: large, imposing, hardcover. Get it. Read it. Share it.

Learn about the history that THEY don’t want you know.

–G. Simmonds, Washington.

Accurate and thought provoking! One of the most interesting books I have ever read. If you’re fascinated by history then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this sensational book.

— M Fussy, Seattle.

This book is COMPLETELY factual and true! Its even been recently scientifically proven that King Tut had European DNA. I guess Arthur Kemp was right!

–MW2-sucks-azz, CT, USA.

A superb pictorial history of the world’s greatest race. Well documented, a valuable addition to any home library. Great tool for home schooling.

–Jean Beliveau, USA.

A great book. I highly recommend it. Also a great launching point for many avenues of discovery as you may want to study in-depth certain chapters. A must have as we find ourselves surrounded by those who hate our accomplishments but would claim them for themselves.

–L. Willis, SC

An Astonishing and Simply Incredible Book

Posted November 1, 2013. Amazon Verified Purchase.

History as it should have been taught in the public sckools (miss spelled on purpose). A book that from the first page to the last you will not be able to put down.

Nothing is in the book that you can’t find from a third party source but you will really have to look hard to find it. This book has that info and the facts are sourced so you can look for yourself. You will understand why this knowledge is being suppressed and lies are being told to children in the public sckools.

You need to know the history in this book to protect and arm yourself. Your children need to know this book. The book is well written and very easy to read. I know it is a long book and I was daunted by that fact. However the information is so astounding, uplifting and dramatic that I easily read it in three weeks.

Many aspects of the book you suspected was true but you didn’t know where to look nor do most people have the time. The book is a must read if you are white. Yes I know that is unacceptable in today political climate but you owe it to yourself to read it. If you are afraid of truth then this book is not for you.

I don’t care what your political point of view is, only that, can you read something and then use that information to make a logical conclusion?? If you can this book will permanently alter the way you think about most everything concerning the world stage as it presently exists.

If you have hard set views as I did this book will shatter them for some that will very upsetting. I give you a major warning at this point knowing the truth is not always a welcomed event. So tread lightly and think carefully before you order this book because once you read it you will not be able go back.

You have been warned!!

–James Coats.

Essential and REAL History

Posted November 30, 2013

Amazon Verified Purchase

This is history. REAL history as opposed to the lies and indoctrination taught in public schools. In fact, it should be made mandatory by law that this book be set as the curriculum in public schools. I cannot stress the importance of this very comprehensive work (30 years in the making). You will understand history through it’s proper scope, and you understand just exactly how close humanity is to complete destruction, unless immediate changes are affected.

— By INeverReviewHere

A must read for any person with interest in history
Posted on August 10, 2013

I first read this book when I was fifteen and had downloaded it from the Internet. Now, seventeen years later, I am just as impressed as I was then.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this book is some kind of white supremacist propaganda literature; it is not. Throughout its seventy chapters, Arthur Kemp makes the cold, objective observation that culture is the genetic imprint of a people, and not simply a randomly generated, tradeable entity. At first some of his claims might seem a little far-fetched, however, the red line throughout the book will convince you that his theory is indeed founded on solid facts – and on observations that are actually quite obvious.

The book is also filled to the brim with pictures and illustrations, making every page a new treat. This is popular science at its best.

Recommended to anyone with the slightest interest in history.

— By Jens 

A Must for Celtic Roots
Posted on October 4, 2013.

An excellent, objective study. I first found and read it 30 years ago while doing research on my Irish roots. As a lifetime (college major) ‘Armchair Historian,’ I especially loved his wealth of references and the excellent bibliography. His fine writing skills reveal his own journalism skills. The book is easy reading and sticks closely to his theme, and the Table of Contents is a beautiful road map of the topic. It is not a ‘dry as dust’ academic tome. It is for anyone who can read a newspaper. His appendixes bring the topic right up to using only government reports from various countries.

I now have a much clearer and deeper answer to the haunting question: “Who am I?” Definitely recommended. I can’t imagine anyone else doing this staggering and awesome amount of research and can easily see why he spent 30 years at it.

Reader Fanatic.

–By Bob Smith

A Must for Celtic Roots
Truth, presented in two volumes.
on November 23, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase

A presentation of highly probable and provable truth. Many cannot handle the truth… but that does not make it untrue.

–By Dave Crocco

Our World is a Product of White History
Posted on November 20, 2013
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If you haven’t read this book and its sibling, you are uneducated on the greatest accomplishments in this world, by the most productive race the world has ever seen.

–By Stanley Diggs Jr.

March of the Titans: A Reader’s Review

MOTT-KINDLE-WEBBy Nick Grifford. I originally anticipated writing a book review of Arthur Kemp’s majestic March of the Titans. In the process of doing so, however, I found my writing meandering significantly from the strict path to such an extent that I finally decided to use the voluminous history of the White Race loosely as a muse rather than subject it to critical or exhaustive analysis.

It is difficult and frustrating to witness the systematic destruction of the Occident and the human beings whose ancestors dragged the concept of civilisation from the fragmented dreams of lesser men and constructed something unique on this planet.

There are many of us that comprehend our plight and there are degrees of understanding. The majority of our people, on the other hand, do not and cannot make the requested mental connections to appreciate the severity of our dire situation.

It is therefore incumbent upon us, the enlightened folk amongst our generally blinkered herd, to keep the flame burning and attempt to resist our imposed genocide.

The first and perhaps the most important task is to educate our young. In order to fully realise the forces availed against us, the true nature of our cause and attempt to formulate future survival strategies, it is essential to find ourselves again – to rediscover our past before we can ground ourselves in the present.

This is where Arthur Kemp’s work is, I feel, extremely important. It lifts the veil on the ‘falsified sciences’ and firmly leads the pupil away from the system-approved dogmas that exist solely to distract and discourage our own people.

The epic timeline, rooted towards the end of the last Ice Age some forty five thousand years ago, slowly branches upwards encompassing the lost tribes, significant discoveries and achievements of our kind.

The Liberal lies have been stripped of their reflective varnish and the raw truth, well supported by contemporary research, is evident to all those able to adopt new ideas and discard the implanted distortions of our enemies.

It is with just such a book that all parents should instil within their offspring the importance of race and the indelible requirement of our people to survive as a distinct and cohesive tribe.

This is compounded by the implied theme of March of the Titans; our long history of miscegenation – of struggle, achievement and decline through racial mixture.

Contrasting modern inhabited areas of the world’s surface with ancient European civilisations of the past, it is clear that race is far more important than any collection of peripheral factors in the rise and fall of White cultures.

Comparing the examples outlined in the March of the Titans with our present predicament is sobering, frightening in fact, and the ability to elicit such emotions in our posterity is vital if the ideology of racial survival is to become ingrained within them.

The formative years of our young people should be determined by us and us alone.

The superfluous education that our establishment spews out like so much syrup-laced poison must be countered early and a complete understanding of the history of our people can, I believe, go some way in achieving this.

Armed with the knowledge of our past and cognisant of the everlasting mistakes that disparate European tribes have made, new generations of our kind may well be better positioned to exist under increasingly difficult conditions.

The answer to the tricky (albeit loaded and despicable) question, why should the White race survive becomes clear, obvious and imperative to those who have absorbed the contents and connotations of Arthur Kemp’s work. That is a significant and crucial achievement.

We have, and to our immense detriment, lost much valuable knowledge but there is no more critical a loss than that of our identity.

Without a connection to our predecessors, the Continuum of our race is fractured and fragile.

The religious instincts of Modern Man have been stripped or subverted and the remaining void supplanted by a motley assortment of materialistic, self-gratifying and self-abasing philosophies.

The personal benefits of this New Religion can be extensive during the lifespan of the individual concerned but it inevitably grows malignant and will eventually result in the extinction of the entity to which the individual belonged.

The sole deterrent to this encroaching catastrophe is knowledge and the dissolution of decrepit ideas, both in terms of the destructive agendas of our enemies and the unadulterated immolation of our kind made manifest through racial mixture.

Our movement, if it can truly be termed thus, will not take root or endure unless we recruit into our ranks those willing to cast aside the cloak of fear and deceit that has been cast about our shoulders by our political traitors and their nefarious masters.

To do this requires an iron will and the inflexible conviction to disregard comfort and personal ambition in favour of the long term good of our people.

This is an enormously difficult procedure but it is viable given a structured and racially conscious educational process.

There are no quick solutions, no miracle elixirs, and it is clear to many of us that the democratic process is merely a tool by which to keep us emancipated, compliant and on the road to Hell.

The vast majority of our people, the consuming and democratic herd, have consistently displayed their inability to tackle difficult and uncomfortable issues or to adapt to the increasingly treacherous conditions imposed upon them.

We must therefore become introspective and resolve our own internal struggles before we are ready to engage the macrocosm.

The herd will follow when they are forced out of their complacent lifestyles and their personal ambitions are made futile, but we must not delude ourselves that this will be done voluntarily.

Evolution occurs through the continuous exertion of pressure, nothing else will alter the course that we currently follow.

Perhaps this book represent a last ditch attempt to draw a line in the sand and counter the bigotry and falsehoods peddled by the cronies of the New World Order, that global cabal indoctrinated into the ranks of the new religion of economics and atomised self-interest.

Or, and if skilfully utilised, this book could symbolise the beginning of our resurgence.

Through these pages scream the voices of our ancestors; from lost burial chambers and long forgotten tombs, and de profundis, they implore us to avoid their monumental errors and pick a greater path through life.

Once again we must partake in the eternal upward striving that has marked out our kind as separate from the other tribes of man.

It is with a sense of pride, hope and reverence that Arthur Kemp’s work should leave us with, rather than a portentous foreboding of history repeating itself.

It is the truly beaten man that accepts defeat and wallows in pity and forgets that even the down-trodden can force themselves back to the light.

The formulation of new ideas and fresh approaches must be our focus and we should be able – and humble enough – to discard that which has not succeeded thus far.

For as long as we persist in our attempts to solve our remarkable problem then there is hope for our children.

If we fail and indulge in personal fulfilment in spite of our cause, then we doom our posterity to an unknown future of potential destruction.

It is our duty to, and at the very least, stretch out our bodies upon the ground so that they may use our broken forms to clamber toward the top of the prison wall.

Our survival transcends everything currently about us, be they our material possessions, profession or those concepts that are far less palpable, but it does render them meaningless.

Our survival reaches back beyond our prehistory, predating even the chapters of the March of the Titans, to a spark of life that, as far as we can determine, has happened nowhere else in the cosmos.

Connecting the past to our present and projecting that divine formula to its inevitable conclusions must be our task and we should grimly take heart in the fact that no others have shown themselves fit to even think it, let alone attempt it.

Should we prove to be yet another weak link in the eternal chain of the great Continuum then there will be none left to compile our history or tell our stories, we would have failed utterly and that is not an option.

The question of why should the White race survive should not even require an answer, it is simply a fact.

It is the undeniable conclusion of millions of years of evolution and it must be treated with a righteous zeal overshadowed by nothing else.

It is also answered within the pages of Arthur Kemp’s highly recommended history of the White race.

March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race, available here.