Chapter 55: The White Man’s Burden—South Africa

Chapter 55: The White Man’s Burden—South Africa The story of the white settlement of the southernmost part of Africa differed from all the other European colonization experiments in one important way: only in... Read more »

Chapter 58: Murderer’s Bay—the Race War in New Zealand

Chapter 58: Murderer’s Bay: The Race War in New Zealand The European settlement of New Zealand differed greatly from that of Australia because the native population, known as the Mãori, offered real,... Read more »

Chapter 65: The Racial State—the Third Reich

Chapter 65: The Racial State—the Third Reich The figure of Adolf Hitler towers over the twentieth century. He, and the state which he created, National Socialist Germany, remains one of the most controversial... Read more »

Sample Chapters

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CHAPTER 16: By Stealth and Steel—Christianity

The rise of Christianity as the dominant religion of post-Roman Europe played a major role in shaping the course of history, not only on that continent but also in all parts of the... Read more »

Chapter 8: Nordic Desert Empire—Ancient Egypt

Chapter 8: Nordic Desert Empire—Ancient Egypt Although situated in North Africa, Egypt had been settled by three white groups prior to 3500 BC, namely Old European Mediterranean types, Proto-Nordics, and Nordic Indo-Europeans, with... Read more »

Prologue: Some Important Facts

 Prologue: Some Important Facts    Crucial to the understanding of the theme of this book and its related volumes is an understanding of the concepts of race, ethnicity, and culture. Race, Ethnicity, and... Read more »

The Final Call: What Can be Done?

In the Norse legend of the Ragnarök, a new world emerges after the world is immersed in fire and water, and in the new world, the gods and man live in peace... Read more »