Nonwhites Majority of UK School Population within 20 Years

Nonwhites will make up the majority population in British schools within the next twenty years, the direct result of decades of mass Third World immigration and their natural reproduction rates, an analysis... Read more »

Bronze Age Iberia Received Fewer Indo-European Invaders than Rest of Europe

The genomes of individuals who lived on the Iberian Peninsula in the Bronze Age had minor genetic input from Steppe invaders, suggesting that these migrations played a smaller role in the genetic... Read more »

Canada To Be 80% Nonwhite “Within 100 Years”

Current immigration policies will turn Vancouver into a 70 percent nonwhite state within two generations, and all of Canada into an 80 percent nonwhite country within the next 100 years, one of... Read more »

Race and Ancient Rome: New Scientific Study Confirms Racial Shift

A June 2017 study by scientists at North Carolina State University of skull shapes and skeletons found in ancient graves in Italy has confirmed that mass immigration from outside that country caused... Read more »

DNA and Ancient White Egypt

A new analysis of DNA from ancient Egyptian mummies, carried out by scientists from the University of Tuebingen in Germany, has revealed that ancient Egyptians were indeed European—and that the present-day  Egyptian... Read more »

First Phoenician DNA is European

The ‘Young Man of Byrsa” skeleton. May, 2016. Traditional historical accounts which claim the Phoenicians were all Semitic has been turned on its head with the news that ancient DNA extracted from... Read more »

Eastern Europe Comes into Focus

The city of Prague, Czech Republic. February 2016. Eastern Europe is, as predicted in Nova Europa, rapidly coming to the fore as a bastion for the preservation of European civilization. For this,... Read more »

“Ancient Multi-ethnic London” Lies Exposed

November 2015. New claims by the Museum of London—replicated throughout the controlled media—that London has always been as “ethnically diverse” as it is now are easily disprovable lies being used to justify... Read more »

Mass Nonwhite Invasion of America Adds One New Person Every 16 Seconds, says US Census Bureau

January 2015. The ongoing Third World invasion of America has reached tsunami proportions, and added at least 11.3 million individuals to the total US population in the space of four years, according... Read more »

Philae Lands on Comet c67P: Another Triumph for European Technology

November 2014. The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Philae landing craft—which has completed the nearly impossible task of landing on a 34,000 mile per hour comet after a four billion mile, ten-year-long  chase... Read more »

Groundbreaking Study of Ancient DNA Reveals Genetic Commonality to Modern Europeans

Kostenki 14. Image from the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. November 2014. Groundbreaking genetic analysis of a 37,000-year-old human bone from Russia has revealed that modern Europeans have remained... Read more »

Canadian Indian Ban on Mixed-Race Couples Comes under Attack

November 2014. A 1981 law by the Canadian Mohawk Council of Kahnawake which forbids tribe members who marry outside of their race from living within their reservation has come under attack with... Read more »