Australia Nearly 25% Non-European

August 2013. The Third World colonization of Australia has continued apace and up to 25 percent of the population there is now of non-European origin, according to an analysis of new immigration... Read more »

Germany May Be Birthplace of European Music and Art

August 2013. The remains of the world’s oldest musical instruments and human figurines suggest that music and artistic depictions of the human form may have first developed in Germany around 40,000 years... Read more »

Marco Polo Did Go to China, New Research Shows (and the History of Paper)

Marco Polo did really go to China, new research which disproves two centuries of doubt, has shown. Hans Ulrich Vogel, a professor of Chinese studies at the German University of Tübingen, in... Read more »

Ancient White Egypt: “March of the Titans” Proven Right

August 2013. The “news” from geneticists in Switzerland that Ancient Egypt’s King Tutankhamun’s DNA is European, is confirmation once again — if any was needed — that the basic thesis of March... Read more »

Built to Last: 2,200-year Old Punic War Era Anchors Found Off Sicily

August 2013. 2,200 year-old stone anchors abandoned by a Carthaginian invasion fleet off the coast of Sicily have been discovered by an underwater research team from the University of Sassari. The cluster... Read more »

Hidden Facts about Slavery in America

The first official slave owner in colonial America was a black man, not white; the Arab Slave trade in Negroes was far greater and much longer lasting than the transatlantic slave trade;... Read more »

Afrocentrist Claims to Minoan Civilization Destroyed by New Genetic Report

Afrocentrist claims that Africans originated Europe’s oldest civilization in Crete have been nixed by a new DNA study which has shown that the original population of that island were European. The theory... Read more »

Rochus Misch: The Last Survivor from Hitler’s Bunker

On 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler took his own life in the Reich chancellery bunker in Berlin, with Soviet troops only a block or so away. Today, the last person still alive... Read more »

The Real Genesis: Ice Age Lion Man Art Re-dated to 40,000 BC

The antiquity of European civilization has been underlined once again with the re-dating and discovery of more pieces of the famous Lion ManIce Age sculpture from Swabia, Germany, to an incredible 40,000 B.C.... Read more »