New DNA Study Shows Significant 5,000 BC Female Input from Reputed Indo-European Heartland

August 2013. A new study of ancient DNA, taken from 7,500 year old skeletons in central Europe, has shown that there was a significant female DNA input into the European genome around... Read more »

What Racial Group are Chechens?

August 2013. The blatantly false description of now arrested Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as “white” on his FBI wanted poster during the recent manhunt for him, has raised two pertinent questions:... Read more »

Neanderthals Replaced by Homo Sapiens 50,000 Years Ago, Says New Study

August 2013. A new carbon-14 dating technique—the most advanced yet—has pinpointed the date at which Homo sapiens definitively replaced Homo neanderthalensis in Europe, a new report from Spain has concluded. A research... Read more »

Is a Major Revision of European History About to be Made?

August 2013. The astonishing “discovery” (actually just an announcement of a previously known discovery) of the submerged area called “Doggerland” which once stretched from Scotland to Denmark, may yet spark one of... Read more »

“It is a Bit like Walking through the Ruins of a Civilization”

“It’s weird to be in a city where almost every piece of social infrastructure like the post office, the church, the concert hall, is all gone.” These are the words of BBC... Read more »

New US Census Bureau Figures Highlight Urgent Need for European Ethnostate

August 2013. Figures from the US Census Bureau have highlighted the dramatic demographic threat to the future existence of European Americans and underlined the urgent necessity for the creation of a European... Read more »

Mass Shootings in America: Black Gun Crime the Leading Cause

Black gun crime is the leading cause of shootings in America, not the odd white male lunatic, new figures from the city of Chicago have revealed. According to official statistics, Chicago sees... Read more »

America’s Cities Face Third World Crime Apocalypse as Whites Driven Out

A recent study which listed the ten most dangerous cities in America failed to include racial demographics, which, when factored in, show that the largest U.S. cities are facing a Third World... Read more »

The American Dream Crumbles into a Post-Industrial Multiracial Disaster

The “American Dream”—that anyone, from anywhere, could achieve fortune (and possibly fame) if they were prepared to work hard enough in the New World, has effectively crumbled under the twin modern liberal... Read more »

New Viking Site Found in North America

Archaeologists in Canada have discovered the second major pre-Columbian Viking settlement in North America, according to a new report by National Geographic. The new site, found by a team led by Patricia Sutherland,... Read more »

Californian Indian Tribes Use Genetics to Eject Non-Members

American Indian tribes in California have started using genetic testing to identify members of their tribes and to eject from membership those who do not qualify as authentic Indians, it has emerged.... Read more »

9-11 Ten Years Later: Still the Media Ignores the Most Important Question of All: Why?

September 2013. Twelve years after the awful events of 11 September 2001, the controlled media and political pundits all still stoically ignore the biggest question surrounding the attack: “Why?” Why would have... Read more »